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2011-05-18 00:31:00 by whytrose14

i love you all.!!! have a nice day folks!!!


2011-02-03 11:14:45 by whytrose14

advance Happy Valentines day people.!!!! hope u'll have a great time with ur date or with someone.. if u have someone :D

hi.! ^^

2010-12-19 14:29:43 by whytrose14

happy holidays everyone.! always take care.! and enjoy .! ^^

have a great day..! enjoy life to the fullest.! we only got one sOoOo DONT FREAKIN' F**** WITH IT..!!! hihi take care guysz! mwaAaHH.!

Oh! God.!

2010-10-08 00:16:06 by whytrose14

i fEeL sOooO DirTy.!!! CrAp i wAnT To KiLL mYseLf.!!!! FoR BeiNg SoO DaMn WeAK..'! wHy In ThE FreAkiN' hELL DiD i LeT THiS bULL cRaP HaPpEN To Me..??!.huhuhu..HELP.' :'<


2010-10-02 23:51:38 by whytrose14

hi.. when is clock day.???? and pico day..??? and do you pronounce it as "peeeco"? "pyco" "or "peeeeecccccooooo"?


2010-08-27 22:50:02 by whytrose14

hi ery'1!!! hope youre having a nice day!!!! ... TC e


2010-08-15 21:53:13 by whytrose14

why is lyf sooo freakin suck?...

soooo fuckin' #$@^!!!!

2010-08-13 22:09:51 by whytrose14

soooo freakin fucked up...